If you have information about a Judgment Debtor you may post a Tip on the Debtor/Defendant Summary page.  If the publishing creditor is offering a reward and the information you Tip is used in a successful enforcement action then the creditor is required to pay you 10% of the net amount collected.

Before you can post a Tip you must be logged on as a Registered User.  Click on 'Create account' at the top right of the home page and follow the links.  Your name and contact information will not be disclosed publicly.  To earn a reward you cannot send a Tip anonymously.

To post your Tip go to the Debtor/Defendant summary page of the relevant person.  After entering your tip information in the Comment box click Save.  The username you select will be posted with your Tip.  An email will be sent to the creditor including your tip, your contact information and a reminder that the creditor is obligated to keep your identity confidential.

Please do not include any information that may be considered defamatory.  While these things may be true they are not relevant for enforcing a judgment and may cause us to have to take down your Tip.

An asset may include a bank account, any chattel such as a car, snowmobile, boat or RV. Also any person who owes money to the debtor can be garnished. Generally garnishments addressed to employers are the most successful at enforcing judgments.  

For a better understanding of your rights and obligations as a Tipster please see the Publication & Reward Contract.