Publishing a Judgment

Posting an enforceable judgment on this website is fast and easy.  After creating an account you will have access to all the site pages under the 'My Account' tab, where you can post new judgments, review/ modify your posted judgments, track your order status, update your account profile and view a list of tips you've posted and retrieve old invoices if required. 

Please read the Publication & Reward Contract which may be found under the 'How It Works' tab in the header before publishing.

Creating an Account:

In order to publish a judgment you must first create a user profile. You will need to provide your contact information and select a Username.  Your username will appear with any tip you post. Your contact information will be kept confidential. (See our privacy statement.)

While setting up your account profile you have the option to designate a contact person who has knowledge of the judgment(s) submitted by you and has your authority to address any inquiries.

Click on the 'Create account' link and fill out the form.  When you are finished submit the form by clicking on 'Create new account'.  You will then receive an email with a link allowing you to log in and choose a password.

All notifications from this website will be sent to the email address provided by you.

Who can publish?

Judgment creditors, their legal representatives, authorized signing officers of a creditor and successors may submit judgments for publication.

Keeping in contact:

The primary method of contact will be via your email address.  Under certain circumstances, such as a challenge to the accuracy of your posting from a named judgment debtor, we will contact you directly.  If we are unable to do so your posting may be suspended.  It is important to keep your contact information current.

Making changes to your user account:

Click on 'My Account' select 'My profile' then select 'Edit'.  From here you can change your password.  

To change your contact information click on 'profile', make the necessary changes and click save.

Offering a reward:

After you have reviewed the Publication & Reward Contract, before you publish your judgment, you will need to decide if you want to offer a reward.

This website is governed by the Publication & Reward Contract. This contract clearly sets out the duties and obligations of the Publisher and Tipsters.  

Offering a reward is optional.  You may choose to offer a reward at the time of publishing or any time thereafter. Once a reward is offered it cannot be rescinded.  If you offer a reward you are committing to pay 10% of the net amount collected using information provided by a Tipster.  No reward is payable unless money has been collected.

Things you will need to know to publish your judgment:

  • Name of Registering Court
  • The court file number of the Registering Court: The court from which the judgment is to be enforced. It may not necessarily be the court from which the order was issued. 
  • Location of Registering Court:  The full address is not required just the name of the city or town.
  • Date of Judgment
  • Amount of Judgment: inclusive of pre-judgment interest and awarded costs.
  • Post-judgment Interest Rate: The rate specified in the order or specified by local statute.  If the post-judgment rate is not specified and you do not know the statutory rate that applies you may check the 'statutory rate' box in the judgment information field.

Optional information you may include:

  • The total amount of money recovered after judgment.
  • Past and present home or business addresses of Judgment Debtor: There is a feature that allows you to drop a pin on a map showing an approximate location.  
  • Date of birth of the Judgment Debtor.
  • Photographs of the Judgment Debtor.
  • Occupation or trade of the Judgment Debtor.
  • Other Information - This space may be used by you after publication in order to post significant events or information.  Nothing defamatory please.

Once you have filled out the form you will have the option to save your posting as a draft and return to it later or if you are ready you may proceed to checkout. You can pay by cheque or credit card in which case you will be briefly transferred over to PayPal who will securely process your payment.

Publishing Period:

Your judgment will remain on this website for six years unless it is taken down.  Under the Publication & Reward Contract you are required to remove the publication when the judgment is satisfied. 

What can be changed after publication?

  • You may add a new address or photographs of the Judgment Debtor at any time.
  • You may update information using the 'other information' field providing that it is relevant and not defamatory.
  • You may update the 'Funds recovered to date' field when money is collected.  
  • You can indicate when a stay is in effect.
  • You can remove that indication when the relevant stay is lifted.
  • You can remove a JD from your posting.
  • You can remove the entire posting.

If you discover that you have made an error, don't panic. Send us an email and we can fix it.