Privacy Policy

All inquiries regarding this document may be emailed to using the Contact us link. is owned and operated by Public Executions, Inc., which are both hereinafter collectively referred to as PublicExecutions.

1. PublicExecutions avoids collecting and storing personal information from those who choose to search this site and its databases without logging in and, if personal information on such users is received, PublicExecutions treats it with utmost confidentiality.  PublicExecutions complies with applicable Canadian legislation on privacy protection.

Information on Website Users

2. PublicExecutions requires contact information from persons who intend to post a Judgment and Judgment Debtor (JD) information and persons intending to offer a Tip on this website.  It is understood that such persons are entering into a contractual relationship that may require the disclosure of their contact information to persons who demonstrate a prima facie right to know pursuant to the Governing Contract which can be accessed from the Judgment Summary page of a particular posting.

3. Information pertaining to a JD is published on this website by a Judgment Creditor or its legal representative (JC) who is solely responsible for that information.  The JC is required to remove JD information when the Judgment is satisfied as against that JD.  PublicExecutions may provide the contact information of JCs to JDs and Tippers who declare that the JC is not in compliance with the Publication & Reward Contract.       

4. For users who access without logging in, PublicExecutions does not gather personal information.  When such a user contacts PublicExecutions directly, personal information may be conveyed by him.  PublicExecutions considers such information to be confidential. Personal information on such users that comes into PublicExecutions’ possession is destroyed or erased as soon as PublicExecutions no longer requires it for the purposes for which it was provided.

5. PublicExecutions gathers information on the use of its services for the sole purpose of keeping statistics on visits, the effectiveness of its service, and ensuring smooth operation of its website’s services.  PublicExecutions does not attempt to identify users and information gathered is never used to establish user profiles.  Moreover, information gathered is never disclosed to third parties, unless such disclosure is required by law or needed to prevent misuse or unauthorized use of services offered by PublicExecutions or required pursuant to the Publication & Reward Contract.

Data on Visits

6. When a user accesses a website various pieces of information circulate between the user’s computer and the website’s server.  PublicExecutions stores the transactional information related to user computers.  The information consists of:

  • The IP address, if available;
  • The operating system and web browser employed;
  • The address of the referring site, if the user reached PublicExecutions from another site;
  • The query on the search engine of the referring site, if applicable;
  • The pages visited on PublicExecutions;
  • The date, time and duration of the visit.

Feedback Form

7. When a user completes the Feedback Form it is possible for him to provide his name, organization’s name and email address.  The information is used and stored only as required to process the request and to establish general statistics.

Management of Information Gathered by PublicExecutions

8. In order to ensure compliance with the present policy and applicable legislation on privacy protection an officer is appointed to ensure respect for the principles stated here and applicable legislation. The Privacy Policy Officer can be contacted using the Contact us link.

9. All information gathered by PublicExecutions is kept in a secure computer environment to which access is restricted.  PublicExecutions employees who gather, store and use personal information are required to ensure that their activities comply with the present policy. PublicExecutions makes a commitment to maintain a high degree of security.