Facts and Questions
The information provided in this section is provided for information purposes only and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

Why should I post my judgment on this site?
  • It allows your judgment to be seen throughout the Internet.
  • It serves notice to a Judgment Debtor that they can no longer hide.
  • It serves as a caution to others.
  • It allows you to offer a reward.
  • It is a powerful and inexpensive tool for obtaining information through crowdsourcing.
  • Your posting will remain on the site for six years or until your judgment is satisfied.
  • Each debtor is assigned his own URL which gives it priority with Internet search engines.
  • No one wants it known that they have an unpaid judgment against them.
  • It works: Valuable information has been provided through the site and debtors have come forward and entered into settlement agreements.
How do I pay for my posting?

You can pay by credit card during the checkout process (you will be briefly transferred to PayPal who will process the transaction) or send us a cheque in the mail to Public Executions, Inc., P.O. Box 71039, RPO South, Ontario, L3X 1Y8

What happens if there is a challenge to my Posting?

In the unlikely event that a judgment debtor insists that a posting is false or unenforceable we may require an affidavit and/or other supporting documents from you confirming the accuracy of your post. 

How do I submit more than one judgment at a time?

Input all of the information for each judgment, saving each as a draft when completed.  When you are ready to submit your judgments go to 'My Account' > 'my judgments' > click on the reference # of the draft judgment you want to submit, review the information you have entered and click 'Submit judgment'.  This will place the judgment into the 'Shopping Cart'.  To add another draft judgment to the Shopping Cart, repeat the process.

What do I do if I’m a Judgment Debtor and I want my name to come off this website?

Pay the amount you owe; make sure you get evidence of payment.  The judgment will be removed when it is satisfied.  If the creditor still refuses to take down the posting please contact us.

What can I do if I’m not the Judgment Debtor but I have the same name?

PublicExecutions.ca allows the publication of debtor’s names, dates of birth, last known address, occupations and photographs to reduce the risk of misidentification.  However, feel free to leave a Tip on the Debtor/Defendant summary page containing information to distinguish you from the debtor published here.

Is it OK to publish an individual’s personal information on the Internet?

This website is careful to comply with all Canadian law regarding privacy.

The purpose of this site is to collect debts owed to you, debts that are confirmed by an Order enforceable by a court in Canada.

Under Canadian law it is permissible to disclose personal information for the purpose of collecting a debt owed by an individual (See; Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, SC 2000, c 5, section 7). Once you have collected what is owed to you, you lose the right to disclose personal information about individuals and must remove the posting together with all of the personal information attached to it. See paragraph 10 of the Publication & Reward Contract published on this site.

Why must a Posting be removed when there is still money owing?

The Publication & Reward Contract specifies that the Posting must be removed when the amount outstanding becomes less than $200.00 CAD.

A Judgment Debtor who pays off the judgment should not see his name remain on the website simply because a small amount of post-judgment interest was not paid.

What is a stay of proceedings?

An Order or Judgment may become the subject of a “Stay”.  An order staying enforcement may be issued:

  • Due to an appeal of the relevant order.
  • When the judgment is subjected to a court ordered payment schedule (as long as payments are being made as ordered, no further action may be taken, etc.)
  • As a result of a bankruptcy proceeding.

While a stay is in effect no enforcement action may be taken.

How can I find out if a reward is owed?

IIf an enforcement action has been undertaken using information you provided in a Tip there will be evidence of that in the Registering Court file.


How do I calculate how much reward to pay and when do I pay it?

In general the reward is 10% of the net collected.

For a detailed definition of ‘net collected’ see the 'Governing Contract' link found on the Judgment Summary page.

How do I find out who submitted the Posting (the Publisher)?

That information is available on a need-to-know basis.  Once Public Executions, Inc has established your right to know it will provide a report giving the contact information of the Publisher.  The posted information with a time-stamped list of Tips and the Governing Contract will also be provided.  A fee ($65.00 + HST) will be charged for this report.

How do I find out who the Tipster is?

With each Tip the Tipster's contact information is sent to the Publisher.  The Publisher is required to keep that information confidential.  This information will not be released by PublicExecutions, Inc without a court order.

After I post a judgment do I have to monitor the site to see if I receive any tips?

No.  When a tip is added to a judgment you have posted you will receive an email which will include the tip and the Tipster's contact information (which you must keep confidential).