About Us

Public Executions.ca is owned and operated by Public Executions, Inc., an Ontario corporation under the direction of Dougall Grange, its founder and CEO.

Dougall Grange has a B.A. in Economics from York University.  He worked for various law firms providing investigation and other litigation support services.  During this time he also gained experience searching public records relating to land and businesses.

In the 1990’s Dougall’s focus turned to the Small Claims Court where he acted primarily for sub-prime lenders as well as traditional clientele. He is licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a P1 paralegal.  During his years of experience in the legal field Dougall learned first-hand how hard it can be to collect hard-won judgments. Misunderstood privacy laws and government indifference are just two factors that make access to justice in Canada far more challenging than it needs to be.